Hot Time in the Cities.

When you live in Minnesota and the temperature rises above 65- your kids want to understand why they can't go swimming. This weekend was so lovely- after much rain- we had two very sunny days above 65 and we enjoyed as much of it outside as we possibly could.

The lighting in this picture is not so good- but we have made some changes to the front of our house. We took down the bronze plaque with our street numbers on it and put up some silver more modern mom and I spray painted our mailbox (from bronze to white) and this weekend Bennett replaced the tacky bronze exterior light with the cute white pendant light you see here. I wish I had done a before and after- because it is quite a big difference- but you will just have to trust me.

We've been cleaning up the backyard- and Bennett has finally resumed work on the Gazebo. I'm not sure what prompted his speedy work this weekend- might have been my threat to his life- or the weather...but either way- it's getting done before our Cinco De Mayo party. I fixed the leg of my vintage planter and moved it out to the sunniest spot in our yard so we can grow tomatoes. We tore down one vine thingy (see it lying in the background) and then I worked like a dog trying to wrap what remains of the other vine (Davis cut one side off- yes, seriously) around the top of the other vine thingy. It was like braiding a giant's gnarly tangled hair. 

We are also going to plant a little raised garden. Holden is so excited about it.

Speaking of Holden- poor girl probably got the worst haircut of her life this weekend. It was our last haircut at Great Clips. RIP Great Clips. It went from this- see this- see below:

And this isn't even the worst angle- if you look from the side- you can see how janky and uneven it is all the way around. It's a good thing she is so cute. If I got that haircut as an adult- I would quit my job and hide until it grew out.

Anyway- we had a great weekend and I will post more pictures of the gazebo as it comes along! More later...