Honey and Beans.

Honey came to visit last week! We had such a great time- I felt like I was in heaven with both Honey and Bennett in town to talk to and help out! We went to gymnastics, we had dinner downtown at Smack Shack, she took Holden to see Beauty and the Beast, we got our nails done, she took the kids to see Boss Baby while Bennett and I went on a date, and then on Sunday, we worked out in the yard thinking it was spring. IT SNOWED TODAY. BARF.

honey and beans.jpg

This picture doesn't really do the dress or her look justice...she kind of looks like she is working a brothel here, but in real life, it's adorable and she couldn't be more pleased with how fancy it is. Especially with the gold sparkles around the bottom- just like in the movie.

Oh and then on Saturday morning, Holden and I went with Kelley and Elsa to this cute little fairy garden workshop at a greenhouse in nearby Shakopee. It was SO much fun. The girls had a blast and so did we. Holden is obsessed with her fairy garden.

And then, as mentioned, Bennett and I got to go on a date Saturday night. We drove out to Wayzata (because we thought it was spring) and had dinner by the lake. Such a lovely view and a great time together.

It was such a nice weekend and exactly what I needed after the weekend before. Thank you HONEY. COME BAAAAAAAACKKKK!