For the first time- work travel is bringing me to Austin. Okay- I kind of arranged it that way- but's exciting that I get to go to Austin for a few days this weekend and into early next week. I'm looking forward to the SxSW interactive festival- and I also think I'll be able to sneak dinner with Nikki while in town. 

I've set up a bunch of happy hours with people from work and my previous life that I don't typically get to see while there- so that will be fun too. Plus, I've been invited to some great music shows at night- I'm seeing Lyle Lovett on Monday evening so I'm especially psyched about that. I mentioned that I am seeing Lyle Lovett to a bunch of people here in Minneapolis and they sort of laughed. And I thought (and probably said) "'s Lyle Lovett. He's amazing." These people just don't get it.

I leave tomorrow and come back Tuesday afternoon and I am looking forward to it!

More next week!