Jiu Jitsu

Bennett has been talking forever about getting himself and little Davis into jiu jitsu. They finally went this weekend and lets just say that little Davis was JUST AS EXCITED (if not more) than Bennett was about the idea. He put on the uniform (called a Gi, pronounced: Gee) and looked at Bennett and said "I cannot stop smiling..."

He has major dad love right now. He wants to work out with his dad, snuggle with his dad, make gross jokes like his dad. And every morning when he comes to get in bed with us he says "I love you dad. I'm so glad you're my dad..." It's very sweet.

Also last week while Bennett was in Miami- he asked me to send him this picture, because he missed him. :-)


Meanwhile- Holden is all about fashion. This weekend she insisted on wearing this outfit to the mall. And would NOT take my advice to put on tennis shoes (even though her high heels were a) mis-matched and b) both left feet). I was kind and I put the tennis shoes in my backpack- and sure enough she asked if she could swap after one store. All the people fawned over her fashions and now I see why she enjoys stepping out in style.


And because our mall has an amusement park inside- I let her ride the carousel. She was so pleased with the situation.

Later that day she insisted on trying on Davis' Gi. Now she wants to try jiu jitsu. All for the outfit, I'm sure.