Thanks for Everything, Scottsdale.

Sorry I didn't blog last week...I was super busy getting my new boss up to speed while also preparing to be out of office for a spring break trip to Scottsdale with the Bennett 4. We just got back last night- and it was just a heavenly trip. I even wish we had stayed a little longer- which is odd for me- as I am actually a pretty big homebody. 

We had so much fun, hiking, swimming, playing putt putt. The kids had such a blast and we did too. Here are a few pictures!

The resort had six pools. SIX. The kids could not even handle it.

The first morning we were there, we decided to go hiking. I used to hate hiking- but I've realized that I don't hate it so much anymore. At least not hiking with kids- because they always tire out before I get bored. I can enjoy the scenery and being out in nature for a while, but mainly to me it just feels like meandering around pointlessly...and I'm not very good at that. 

Also, I've always been kind of down on the state of Arizona...but I changed my mind this trip. I'm not sure if it was the time of year that made the difference- the air was beautiful and everything was blooming...or the fact that I now live in Minnesota and the heat and sun gave me new life- but either way- I'd like to go there again.

This trip, maybe plus Austin, has made me realize I'm almost ready to live somewhere warm again. The good news is- almost every/anywhere is warmer than here.

Those are her dad's socks, they went all the way up to her knees!

It was about a mile from the car to the by the time we got there, Holden's little legs were already pretty tired. We made it a bit further than I thought we would...

So somebody gave her a ride...lucky little princess.

But nothing feels better than a swim after a hot hike in the Arizona mountains.

Later that night we went for dinner and enjoyed some milkshakes afterwards! More to come.