Adventures in Corporate America.

Well, I didn't mention this because my mind was still spinning, but the Thursday before I left for Austin, my boss was let go, and then on Friday, HIS boss (the CMO) was let go, and well let's just say that they basically re-organized everything at the very top levels. And guess who will be my new boss? My new boss, DRUM ROLL, is one of the key people I referenced before, that has taught me that not everyone is gonna like me. Yup. 4th boss in two years and this one hates my guts coming in. So there you go.

I'm not really upset about it honestly. I was at first, but then I got over it. FIRST, I had a series of things happen that made me feel way worse than my dumb job situation. People can be so very disappointing. And then SECOND, I got over feeling bad about those things, mainly because you can't change how people treat you. You can only change how you deal with the way people treat you. I spent a lot of time actually thinking about something Ahmad had been talking to me about while I was in Austin...he was talking to me about how when you're right with God and you are focused on the real things, you realize that it doesn't matter what happens to you. It doesn't matter how people treat you. Because you're good. It's not about any of that. It's about the journey and how you move through it. And I don't know if any of that makes any sense- but it doesn't matter what happens at work- what happens is what is meant to happen. And I am good either way. 

So I'm just being me. And if that works- great. If it doesn't- then that's fine too.

Anyway. We had a GREAT weekend...we had Davis' school carnival Friday which the kids LOVED, we took Davis to get a big kid haircut on Saturday (don't tell Great Clips), we got a new dishwasher (very exciting, I know) and then the kids had Parents Night out Saturday evening so Bennett and I went and had a great dinner downtown. Then today- we didn't have a single item on our agenda so we just palled around, playing, doing some things that needed to be done, went on a bike ride, and then tonight I went to a workout, which felt great.

So, I'm actually headed into this next week without a bit of weight on my shoulders.
Not my circus, not my monkeys. :-)