Guest Blogger.

It recently occurred to me, that my blog would only benefit from some added, global, perspective. So I invited my sister, Nikki, to be a guest blogger so she can showcase her stories and pictures gathered around the globe to my readers (my grandparents). So please this guest post from Nikki...tales from Morocco (part one)!

I am honored to be a guest blogger today on my favorite blog, The Bennetts! While by now you’ve heard all my stories about my trip to Morocco earlier this year, I am excited to share some photos of this incredible place. We spent the first days in Marrakech, wandering through the tight narrow streets and alleys of the Medina (which is the historic part of what is now a large and thriving city).

We visited one of the oldest schools in Marrakech, and I loved all the carving and tile that you could see on every surface.  

We talked with some snake charmers in the main market square:, but I wasn’t real sure about getting too close:

More to come from Nikki and Morocco, next week! Have a great weekend.