Shit. Damn. Hell.

Well the highlight of my weekend in Austin was seeing Lyle Lovett play at the Continental Club. The highlight of Davis' weekend was picking up some choice new words at school. :-/ I guess this is the down side of having older kids in your classroom...

But I'm not concerned (yet) because he is well aware that they are bad words, and he just wants to understand why. And of course, try them out a few times. So, we made a deal on the way to gymnastics tonight and I let him try out the words- and then we agreed we were done with them. We'll see how this tactic works. 

He is the sweetest kid, though. And he looks like he grew a foot while I was gone. And Holden has picture day tomorrow and is insisting on wearing the dress she wore to the Beauty and the Beast gala to school for pictures. Oy vey.

Anyway...I'm back from Austin and what I should really be saying "Shit. Damn. Hell." about is the fact that on Friday morning, before I left, my boss was let go. And his boss (the CMO of Best Buy) was let go. And many others on top of that. So I'm on my 4th boss in two years...and I'm just sort of exhausted by it all. Blah. So I was like "See you losers later- I'm going to Austin..."

I got to see some people I haven't seen in a long time...first Stacey and Ahmad, who I worked out with for two days a week for three years straight. MAN I've missed them. Ahmad is like my brother from another mother. It was so good to catch up with them. It was like I never left.

I also got to have dinner with Nikki one night...and hear all about her travels over a few margaritas...

But the crowning glory of the weekend was seeing Lyle Lovett perform at the Continental Club. Man he can sing. 


And he even brought Joe Ely up with him on stage as a surprise guest. 

Not a bad Monday night if you ask me. I'm pretty lucky. I also spent one night hanging out in downtown Austin with my gal pal Ellie, from Minneapolis...she was there for the same "conference" and I got to see my buddy Oscar and Courtney, B and Weston, have drinks and shop a little with my mom, and then I even had lunch with Brooke before I left. I've been dying to try Josephine House. So cute. 


And as you can probably guess by the sound of it, I didn't stop from the moment I landed on Friday evening until the morning I left on Tuesday. I was beat.

Going home makes you realize all the things you miss. And also all the things you don't. And I'll be damned if that isn't the loneliest feeling of all.