Little Davis pocketed a key from our local hardware store on Saturday. Him asking me, hours later, if I thought there were cameras at Jerry's, tipped me off to the mischief. Anyway- he felt very sorry and returned the key, and the kind man at Jerry's gave him his own key, so he came home very pleased. ANYWAY. He did have some consequences for stealing- including not getting to use his iPad for a on the way to school yesterday we were talking about this and I reminded him that he couldn't use his iPad that night because that was a consequence for the choice that he made. He said something like "Well just write CRIMINAL on my forehead" which I thought was a great and dramatic response to the situation...ha. Anyway I said "No Davis, you're not a criminal, we all have choices..."

At that very moment, Holden cut in and said "Yep- you can have it cheap, fast or good...pick two...because you can't have 'em all." And I DIED laughing. She was so serious. Those weren't exactly the choices I was referring to- but clearly she has picked up some one-liners and sales techniques from her dad. Anyway. I want to remember this exchange because it really made me laugh.

On to another topic- we have a couple burgeoning chefs in our house. Holden was invited to Elsa's fifth birthday party Saturday at the Way Cool Cooking school where they decorated a chef hat and apron and also made pizza and cupcakes...


So, this cooking party really prompted a desire to make some things at home. As I mentioned, in the winter, I very often make soups or something in the crock pot on Sundays- so this Sunday I let both kids help me prep everything for black bean soup. They were very pleased with the situation- even though neither of them wanted to eat the mushy brown soup.

More tomorrow!