Girl Talk.

Bennett picked Davis up from school Wednesday and took him to gymnastics- Davis continues to do well in gymnastics and he LOVES going. So I picked Holden up and asked her if she wanted to have a girls night out. She was thrilled. And of course when I asked her where she wanted to eat- she said "Let's go to the mall- and let's eat at the Cheesecake Factory. They have the best mac and cheese." So of course, that is where we went.

She is such a happy little spirit. It's so fun, easy and enjoyable to spend time with her (most of the time anyway) and Wednesday night was no exception. She keeps up great conversation too. I ask her something about her day and then she answers and asks it right back to me. She told me some funny things over dinner...

I asked her who she had been playing with "lately" at school...and she thought about it, listed a few names, and then I said "What about Oscar? You used to play with him a lot..."

She looked at me and said "Well, lately I don't play with him because lately he's been interrupting me a lot..." I almost spit out my drink. But this is girl talk- so I took it very seriously and I said "Really? Well that's no good. Did you tell him "No thank you, I don't appreciate that...?" To which she said "I did. But he just didn't even care. Hmmph."

Guess he is off her list. 

The kids went to Brooks and Bennett's birthday party last Saturday and since Bennett and Holden are in the same class- their mutual friend, Oliver was there. Oliver is the cute little mayor of primrose, with all the personality, that always taps the floor next to him when we walk in and says "Holden- come sit by me!" He always says hi to me too- reminds me a little bit of Davis. Anyway- his mom was there so I introduced myself and told her how great we think Oliver is and she said "Well the feeling is mutual. Oliver has a little crush on Holden- he talks about her all the time and says he is going to marry her one day." HA! So cute.

So I told Holden this and she got so embarrassed, but instead of saying "Eww gross- I only kiss my family" which is what she usually says, I could tell she was flattered and perhaps open to the idea. 

So anyway- last night I asked how Oliver was and she got this silly face- a mouth trying to hide a big grin- and said "Well he wants to marry me you know..." 

I said "And what do you think about that?"

She said "Well, I think I'm his girlfriend. (SHEEPISH GRIN) And he is my boyfriend..."

So there you go. 

After dinner we went to walk around the mall to see if they had any cute new pajamas because she has been COUNTING the MINUTES until pajama day at school. We found the cutest little donut jammies and a soft pink robe. Listen she is the BIGGEST fan of jammies and cozy things. I brought her little pink fuzzy bear slippers from Whistler and I think they are her favorite things I have ever given her. So she was BEAMING picturing herself wearing her new jammies and cozy plush pink robe to school today. Bennett took some pics- you can just see how proud she is. And that little boy is OLIVER!