True Love.

Bennett went rock climbing last night after work, so I told the kids if they each had a great day at school, I would take them to the local DQ Grill & Chill (fancier, nicer version of DQ, since they're headquartered here, I think). Anyway- I don't love going to DQ because I'm usually starving after work and I don't want to eat their food, so I sit and watch them slowly eat and horse around through both a main course and a dessert and I'm secretly starving.

So last night, I reached out to take one of Davis' fries and he very quickly reached out to (what looked like) grab it back. I was caught off guard, but instead, he just grabbed my finger holding the fry. Then he looked at me and gave me really moony, lovey dovey look, which made me laugh and even feel strangely vulnerable- ha! Then he said "do you know what true love is, as he awkwardly batted his eyelashes at me..." And I said "Yes I do" trying to be serious as I had no idea where this was taking us. And he said "Well, when you're in true love, you reach for your food at the same time and when your hands touch, you look at each other and do this with your eyes..."

HA! I almost died. Where does he get these things?