A gala. At five.

Holden and Bennett were invited to a father/daughter dance by Elsa and her dad, Zach. And not just any father/daughter dance...but a Beauty and the Beast gala. A GALA. And it wasn't held just anywhere...it was held downtown at the Minneapolis Club. And the tickets, for this GALA, were $50 a head. Is that not the craziest? I mean who lives like this? Holden Eloise, apparently.

So when you go to a gala at five years old- you must have a dress that fits the occasion. I picked Holden's out and she was super pleased to have a dress with a tulle underskirt so "it poofed" at the bottom. 

While I was exhausted from flying back early Friday morning- I was glad I got home earlier enough to pick Holden up from school and get her ready for this big event. We washed and dried her hair and she even let me put a little clip in it. I was telling her how special this was, and I looked at her and said "Holden. You know I never had a dress like this when I was five years old..." And she looked at me with what I can only describe as indignant surprise and said "Well you should get one...!" 

Holden's little sweater is silver and sparkly- but you can't tell in the pictures. And her shoes are plastic with fake rhinestones and Amazon delivered them in TWO days. So there you go...

They even had corsages- courtesy of Kelley's great planning. 

Comparing the many treasures in their purses...

They had a lovely time- they met Belle from Beauty and the Beast- and they danced the night away. Holden slept till 10:00 am the next day. 

Davis and I went to Chick-Fil-A and then watched a movie together.

It was a pretty great night for me too. :-)