Sunday Funday.

I am writing this while en route to New York...I was telling Bennett last night how one of my favorite things about living in Minneapolis (and I don't really know if it has to do with Minneapolis or simply this time in our life) is how much we get to travel...both for work and for fun. It really makes things exciting when you are always going somewhere soon. Sometimes it can be too much- but for the most part I'm able to spread it out and it feels very exciting.

Anyway- I'm going to New York with a couple gals on my team for some meetings with our agency. I love New tonight we'll pal around the city, have dinner, drinks, shop, and then tomorrow we have meetings all day and then dinner out with our agency friends. I was going to fly home Friday afternoon but my boss asked me to fly back for a meeting Friday a.m. so now I am flying out at 6:30 am, which means I will have to get up at 4:30 am. BARF. Oh well. I guess I could have flown home Thursday night but I would hate to miss the fun.

Anyway- that's not what this post is about. Sunday- we skipped church, went for breakfast and then I dragged the other three Bennetts to the Stone Arch Bridge- a landmark in downtown Minneapolis. And boy did we have fun after I got them there...

The kids discovered Super Mario Brothers on Bennett's phone (I WANNA BE MARIO!!!) and now they are just as obsessed as we were. So one plays while the other watches and then they swap. This was a friendly game over breakfast...


It was an awesome day. That night I felt this balance of contentment and a tinge of sadness that the weekend was over. That's the sign of a good one.