Lego Girl.

Holden now takes Brick Buddiez, just like Davis did. She doesn't talk about it nearly as much, but I think she does enjoy it and feels pretty cool that she is doing what her big brother did.

Actually- this picture is just from art at school today...but I figured I would package it in.

And then these next two pics are old- and they must have been taken on one of the days she came home sick. Poor thing- she looks so sad/sick.

Poor tiny. Don't worry- this was a couple months ago- before Christmas. Here are some better shots.

I'm starting to realize that she only has a few more months before she is in big kid school. I'm trying to decide whether I should keep her at Primrose all summer, or let her go to summer Kids Club with Davis. Pros and cons to each one, I'm sure...

Slow down time.