Down for the Count.

I have had strep throat all week. BAH. I worked Monday and Tuesday, just trying to ignore it, but then Wednesday, I just KNEW it was strep. My tonsils were swollen like baseballs and it felt like razor blades every time that I swallowed. Luckily- I got right in to the doctor, got amoxicillin, and was back on the mend. I stayed home and slept Wednesday and Thursday, and then came back today feeling like a million bucks.

Also, it's 60 degrees here, which is about 70 degrees warmer than it's supposed to be, so you simply cannot imagine the mood of these Midwestern people. It's really spectacular to see.

Now, the truth is, it's just a tease...we will get snow again next week but it doesn't even matter. It's just a reminder that it WILL get warm here again. Birds will chirp and flowers will bloom and we will one day again feel warmth on our face and soft green grass between our toes...ahh, hope. It's what keeps us all going.

So this weekend I imagine we'll spend quite a bit of time outside- and then next week Davis is going to Columbus Monday and Tuesday for work, and I am going to New York Wednesday-Friday. Hope you all have a great weekend!