The Fallopian Tubes.

As I've mentioned- the very very best part of my job is my immediate team. I don't even know that I would enjoy my job if I didn't work with such amazing individuals. When I started my job two years ago- it was me, and three younger gals. The week I started, my boss was let go, and then shortly after, the person immediately below me (the most senior person other than me, who had been there the longest) quit. So there I was with two 25 year old girls trying to run all of the company's advertising.

Anyway- flash forward two years and I have built a team of ten individuals that I have been able to hand pick and let me just say that I have never worked with finer, smarter, more fun people in my entire career.

So now I have a full team and we have started to be able to do some very fun, extra things. I started with asking everyone to read a book called "Crucial Confrontations" and I simply suggested that we all take turns setting up conversations and opportunities to become smarter, kinder, more well rounded individuals.

So tonight, we had our second group, where one of my team members had a financial advisor come tell us everything we need to know about smart investing. We learned so much and I laughed SO hard. I left tonight feeling so hugely thankful for my team. We decided today that we would call ourselves The Fallopian Tubes- so tonight, The Fallopian Tubes Learned Finance. 

Next month- they are all coming to my house and we are cutting up jeans into shoe patterns. I will then send the shoe patterns to an organization called "Sole Hope" who will turn them into shoes for kids in Africa. 

I'm very lucky. I know it and I'm thankful for it.