Bits and Pieces.

Honey shared this picture with me the other night- were we just babies here or what??? And man, we had great hair- so shiny and golden. My mom has always had the best hair and I hope mine is even half as pretty.

Sam 1.png

And did I show you guys our tree? We picked it out after Thanksgiving. It's a good one! Honey is worried it's going to burn the whole house down (not sure why except that she must believe in random combustion) but I'm not worried about it. :-)

tree 1.jpg

I don't think I ever talked about it but D and I got to go to the Gopher game while Honey was in town over Thanksgiving- we went to a Gopher tailgate and a Badger tailgate and had the VERY BEST TIME EVER. 

tree 4.jpg

Also, this weekend I got to fete Ellie for her birthday! We went to Blackstack Brewery and Can Can Wonderland and it was so much fun. We had great drinks, danced, played indoor putt putt, hit baseballs in a batting cage...the world was our oyster.


The little plate says "We go together like drunk and disorderly..." it was made for us! I love Ellie- she is a great friend and I'm so thankful to have her here.

In other news, while I was out for her birthday, little D was invited to go with the Ohmes to a wrestling match at the Chanhassen VFW. He had the time of his life and the whole experience really solidified what he wants to be when he grows up. (KIDDING. Sort of.)


In sadder news, I had to put Pico down this week. Now I don't want to be too sad about it. I don't like to focus on sad things- instead, let's think about the 17 amazing years we had with him. He was such a good dog. I'll never have another like him. We think he had a stroke- he just took a turn and wasn't himself anymore and was in great pain...which was heartbreaking. So I actually feel relieved afterwards. The kids were champs about it- I told them that all dogs go to heaven and that he lived almost twice as long as any other dog- and that he probably set a dog world record. They seemed very proud of that, and I think it's a nice way for Pico to be remembered. :-)

pico 2.jpg

But to bring us back up after that downer- here is a picture of Holden in her dance gear. She says she LOVES to dance- and dances all the time at home- but really doesn't like GOING to dance class. I can't decide whether I should make her see it through (at least until she has a recital in the spring) or if it's totally foolish that I am spending money on something she doesn't even care about. I peeked into the studio last week and she was lying on her stomach on the floor while everyone else was practicing their ballet. She really has her own ideas on things. Hmmph.


Also- it was 55 on Monday (which was INSANE for the 4th of December in Minnesota- hello global warming- if you don't believe it- you are CRAZY.) And then today it is 10 degrees. So winter has arrived.