Bennett's Big Adventure.

I don't know if I mentioned it, but I gave Bennett an 8 day Outward Bound trip for his birthday this year. He has been in a bit of a soul searching spot- feeling sort of beleaguered by the corporate world and his role in it- and I have tried a lot of different ways to help him out of his rut- but couldn't figure out exactly how to help him find a way to refresh and re-set...until Carrie came to town in September and I said to her "You know, I wish there was an Outward Bound program for adults..." and she said "I bet there is- you should google it..." 

So I googled it and sure enough- there are adventure trips for adults all over the country for any number of days. And so- long story short- for his birthday I surprised him with an 8 rafting/hiking/climbing trip to Big Bend Texas- and he left last Wednesday.

For the first few days- it felt pretty normal- I mean he travels a lot...but before this trip, he always had his phone and we would talk or text throughout the day. This time- he turned in his phone and has been off the grid since last Wednesday- and it feels very weird. I have thought of about a million things I want to tell him or ask him or laugh with him about throughout the day. Thank God Honey has been here to chat with! TGFH. Thank God for Honey.

Anyway- he gets back late late tomorrow night and I cannot wait to hear about the whole experience. I've been so curious how he has been feeling- I mean after four days was he like "Okay- this has been great and I'm ready to go home..." or was he like "I want to live off the grid forever! I've really found myself out here." (UMMM....I hope the former vs. the latter- if either)

So I'm looking forward to him being back - and I just can't wait to see and hear how he felt about it. Here are a couple pics of D and Bennett before he left...


One more day!