Weekend Fun.

We had such a good time this past weekend- we were all so happy to have Bennett home. Friday night we just hung out at home and watched A Christmas Story- Davis is now obsessed with getting a bb gun- which he cannot have for any reason! And Holden is now terrified of getting her tongue stuck on a frozen pole. She said it was "the most terrifying thing she has ever seen..." Not at all dramatic, is she?

Then Saturday we all got haircuts and then that night we went to a christmas party with the Ohmes and Davis' friends at work. We played a bunch of silly games and had a great time. Sarah (seen below) was hysterical...


Then Sunday, Holden and I went with Kelley and Elsa for our third annual lunch and theater date. The girls do a gift exchange and they were both so happy with what the other got them. It was really sweet. So much giggling. They were in awe of Belle.

d 2 sleda.jpg

And while we were doing that, Davis was cleaning up this mess he made earlier that morning.


He also went sledding with the neighbor boys later Sunday. On a trash can lid. :-) Good times.

d sled.jpg

Yay! Good times.