Happy Things.

A few happy things happened this morning - even before work began. 

1) Out of the blue, Davis exclaimed "I love school! Except spelling. I hate spelling." 

2) Jessie, the reading specialist at Highlands, whom Davis has worked with before, agreed to tutor him once a week- and on the weekends! Talk about an answered prayer!

3) Davis asked me if I have ever joined a "Soda Club" and after probing with many questions to understand more- I discovered that he had heard someone order a "Club Soda" and thought it was a club you could join where you drank as much soda, and as many kinds as you liked, at the club. HA! If dreams came true...

And then I had a pretty good day at work too. I don't think I mentioned this- but I am taking a new role at Best Buy. Instead of overseeing all of their creative, and advertising, I will now specifically work on the brand strategy for the business. This is really where my passion lies- this is what I feel I am best at- so I'm very excited in that sense. BUT- I have to leave the team that I have built, the 14 individuals I have hand-picked (starting from an initial 3) over the last three years- and to be honest- I might be more passionate about THEM than anything. We have SO much fun together. I never dread going to work because of all the fun talks we have throughout the day- and how much we laugh together. And I think that the next team, the one I am inheriting, might be the exact opposite. So we'll see how this goes- all good things must come to an end, I guess. I transition over on December 1st. It's a really good move for my career- but honestly- I sort of like to laugh more than anything. 

The announcement was made about me moving yesterday and that was kind of a hard day. I know people are sad and feel like I am bailing...but today was better. And I have made them promise we will eat lunch together every day. :-)

More tomorrow.