Weekly Deets.

Davis got his fourth stripe at Jiu Jitsu last night- and he is so incredibly proud of himself- it made me so happy to see! Also, the little gal he currently has a crush on was there (Amaya) and she said "Davis- I am SOOOO proud of you!" which made him beam from ear to ear. Bennett took him out to DQ last night to celebrate with dinner and a sundae- so he was walking on cloud nine when he got home. 

Holden and I hung out and built a lego house together- which was very lovely and fun- until I told her she couldn't have any hot chocolate because she had chosen to have skittles earlier in the evening. The tantrum that ensued upon hearing this news was explosive. She was not having it- and the more upset the got about it- the more I knew I had to stick with it. She was throwing such a fit that I decided to stand there and video her with my phone. She didn't realize what I was doing until I turned it around and showed her- which she did not like one bit. But I think she got the point. She sure does have a temper. She is easy going 90% of the time, but man when you set her off, she comes in HOT.

Bennett dislocated his toe at jiu jitsu last night- bent it all the way backward so it was sticking upright from his foot. I wasn't there but he said he hasn't seen anything like that before.

I have been running for my workouts- which I really enjoy. We have an awesome gym at Best Buy so I mainly go there when I finish with work.

This weekend we have a school fundraiser Friday night and plan to meet up with two couples there- it's nice to have friends at these different events now. And then on Sunday- Bennett and i are going to the Vikings game. I have never been- so I'm looking forward to it. 

Then Tuesday I go to New York for a day trip- and then Wednesday, Honey comes to visit! Lots of fun things ahead.