Beach Girl

This was Holden's first trip to the beach- and to say she LOVED it- would be an understatement. There are people who love to look at the beach (me, and now: Davis) and then there are people who like to roll in the sand and dive into the waves (Bennett, and now: Holden). She was squealing with such joy and it was as though the water that was covering her skin and getting in her eyes wasn't salt water at all. I can't even understand it. It burns my skin and eyes so badly. But I'm so happy she loves it and luckily for her, Nikki was right there with her, all the way up to her chest! 

It was a beautiful ocean- and I will say that I spent more time in there than I usually did- and I really enjoyed it.

H cap.jpg

This morning Holden asked me if we could go back to Puerto Rico. In her words "Mom- can we go on vacation? I want to travel!" She has the travel bug for sure. She is always telling me how she would like to live in a hotel (you and me both, Holden Eloise). Anyway- I explained to her what happened in PuertoRico and she was SO sad. "Mom is it wrecked and we can never go there again?" I had to explain that we will be able to go again but it will take them a while to re-build. She was super disappointed. Then she said "Well can we at least go to California?" Girlfriend is living the life.