Puerto Rico, Part III.

So many pics = so many posts! Here are a few more pictures from our trip to PR- though you would never be able to tell we are somewhere different (except by our red faces) because the pictures are all of us!


I ordered this little top from a place Davis and I found in Amsterdam a couple years ago- just for this trip and just because it was on sale- so between that and the purse (which she borrowed from me) Holden felt pretty special and posed quite a few times. 


We were waiting on an Uber, killing time in this picture, likely standing in front of a gas station or something very non-glamorous. And this picture, of the two of them, is now one of my favorites. Their faces look so similar, they are clearly loving on each other, and I love how the sun is shining right down on them.


Our little faces are so red. We look like tomatoes. Holden was a magnet to me that whole trip. So sweet.

the whole gang PR.jpg

The whole gang! I only wish the backdrop was the beach- ha!