Fall in Minneapolis.

So much to write about- so little time! We are in the thick of holiday production- so I spent part of last week in LA and then flew home to spend time with a special guest- and then flew back Monday and will be here till Friday. 

If you're wondering who the special guest is/was- it's Nikki! The kids had Thursday and Friday off for a teacher training (they call it MEA) and last year we went to Disney so I thought long and hard about what could compete with that- and clearly only Nikki can! :-) So she came on Wednesday night, I got home Thursday afternoon, and then I took Friday off so we could spend some time together. It was such a fun weekend- and the weather was GORGEOUS. 

On Friday we went down to Stone Arch bridge and it was 78 degrees. The leaves are turning and it was just a beautiful day to be outside.


This bridge cuts over the Mississippi and you the buildings on either side are all old flour and grain buildings- so there is Gold Medal Flour, Pillsbury, and then a few other industrial type buildings. It's very charming and it's my new favorite place to take visitors.


Gosh- they are getting so big. I hate it. But they're also so fun right now- so I'm really enjoying them at the same time! :-)


Paused halfway to get a BRIDGE SELFIE!!

And then look at the color of the trees in this beautiful park near the bridge.


Oh and to show you just how warm it was- D decided to take off his shirt and show off his muscles. 


I mean 78 degrees is swimming weather in Minnesota. And if you aren't worried about global warming- you're crazy. :-)