Hello From Vancouver.

I don't even know that I mentioned it, that's how much it snuck up on me, but I am writing this post from the Vancouver airport because I just spent the most lovely weekend in Whistler with Davis! Every year he has a work event there and every year he has asked me to go. Every year I say something like "If I'm going to go somewhere in Jan/Feb, it's going to be HOT. It's basically Whistler here- look at all of this snow!" And he rolls his eyes and says "Seriously Sam- you would love it." So this year I took his word for it- and he was right. I cannot wait to post pictures (I can't yet today) but at the same time, it's the kind of vast beauty you simply cannot capture in a single picture. 

Seriously- every time I took a picture, I would look down at my camera with such disappointment...because it's just only worth of a 360 panoramic shot. Anyway- I did get a few good shots so I will post those tomorrow. But in the meantime, here are a couple I grabbed from the internet.

We had the most fancy, charming weekend. We were able to stay at the Fairmont Chateau at the base of the ski hill...you seriously just skiied out and right back to your room. We got in Friday night- it's kind of a trek- but due to the two hour time difference, we worked out, sat in the hot tub while it snowed and drank hot toddies, and then had a late dinner. 

The next day- we went skiing. I haven't been skiing in 15 years- and I was worried I wouldn't get my ski legs back, but I did right away. Thanks in part, I think to riding up a chairlift where the only way down were some pretty tough blues. I remember thinking to myself "There is only one way- DOWN." And there I went. So we skiied all day and had the most beautiful sunny weather. We stopped at the very TOP of the mountain where Davis made reservations at Christine's restaurant. You want to talk about a view- it's insane. 

By the end of the day- I was so glad to be done. It's hard work. And those boots aren't too comfy. I told Davis "I had so much fun- and I'm glad I don't have to do it again." He didn't really understand that- but to me it made perfect sense.

We were quite spoiled and then had the best massages of our lives, followed by another stint in the hot tub with a bucket of Canadian beer. Nate Ohme came in on Saturday for work too- so he joined us and then I dragged them around some stores in the village and then we ended the night at a CRAZY irish bar. It was so much fun.

Sunday, Bennett went bobsledding with his work group and I slept in and read and it was perfect. Sunday was altogether leisurely- and it was kind of rainy and gray- so it was perfect that we had skiied the day before.

I had no idea how many Australian and Asian people there are here. All the staff is young beautiful Australians that "chase winter" and come here during the Australian summer to work and ski. And there were so many Asian people here too. I wouldn't have guessed that. It's very much an international hot spot. I've probably never been somewhere more expensive and I was very thankful that a lot of our trip was covered by Great Clips as they put Davis up in the fab hotel and I just tagged along. But I almost had a heart attack when I heard how much it cost to ski here for one day. Totally worth it- but I looked around at the people traveling here from all over the world with their giant families, skiing every day, and I thought "What do these people DO for a living?" It's very fancy and I enjoyed pretending to be fancy for a weekend myself. At least until my zipper broke on my jacket at the Vancouver airport and I basically had to wriggle my way out of it like Houdini in chains at the bottom of a water tank. It looked like I was wrestling with a damn afghan (blanket) again...but that is a reference and story for another time...

Anyway, what would Eloise do? 

More to come! I can't wait to get back and hear about Honey's weekend with the beans.