Trump is a Rump.

Apparently they talk about politics a lot at school- we are in a pretty active city and community- so when Davis came home the other day saying that "Trump is a Rump" - I had to agree with him. I've known he is a horrible human, but he is now proving out that he will undo everything good that has been done in the last 8 years. 

So when the time came to show what you stand for- I decided to get involved, and one way of doing that, is marching. I explained to Bennett that though I cannot stand that Trump is our president, I'm not naive enough to think that marching the day after inauguration would get him out of office. That isn't why I (or many people) marched. I marched for equality for all. Personally, I marched for equality for women, but beyond that, I marched to show solidarity to the groups that Trump is clearly out to oppress. Because really- it's not all about getting active for yourself. Especially when you are a white woman who was born into a lovely, well-to-do family, with nothing but opportunity and upward mobility. I march (and I only use that as a metaphor for being active about causes I care about) because with great power, comes great responsibility. I march because I could have easily been born in Syria, and had I been born in Syria, and became an immigrant of the United States, I would hope that people would stand with me, and march for me. 

Anyway. I wasn't really in the mood for it, if I'm honest. I had just gotten back from a week in LA, and it was cold and rainy, but I thought to myself "self- if you can't even get up and show up and basically walk a mile to show your support- you really must not care that much." And I also realized that every time I complained about the horrible things Trump is doing- Bennett would say something like "well you can't bitch about it if you aren't willing to do anything about it..." And I am never one to be told what I can and cannot bitch about. :-)

So two friends and I, along with around 100,000 other people marched the capital on Saturday.

Then after the rally, I took Holden for a late lunch...while Davis was at Skijammers.

And then Sunday we had a busy and productive morning with haircuts and church.

This is Davis explaining his mural of David. 

Davis has had a tough couple weeks at school and skijammers- he got punched on the bus, and then through thorough investigation of that incident, we found out he had punched another kid on the bus, and then yesterday, he punched another kid in the eye.

It's very tricky to figure out because he is such a sweet kid. He is just very impulsive. I try to remind myself that his dad was just like this when he was little and has grown up to be a successful and thriving human- but it's still tough to figure out how to work through that. 

He is very impulsive. And not one to back down. And I have no idea where he gets that. ;-) We just need to figure out how to harness his strength and confidence for good. So say a prayer for me on that one.