Birthday Weekend.

If I had a dime for every time Holden reminded us it was her birthday weekend- I would be rich! Luckily, she picked some really fun things for her fifth birthday weekend. Saturday we went with Elsa and Kelley to the Crayola Experience at the Mall of America...

Davis was at Ski Jammers- he is not as into it as I had hoped he would be...but it's a long day and they are just getting started, so I hope it will get better! Then Sunday, because it was so warm- 40 degrees- we decided to go ice skating! I was supposed to go cross country skiing with some friends- but one of them cut her finger pretty badly so we couldn't go. We did a really fun brunch at one of my favorite restaurants instead- and Bennett took the kids to breakfast and to church.

Anyway- yesterday afternoon- we went ice skating. It was packed- we were not the only ones taking advantage of the weather!

Holden woke up in the middle of the night with a fever- this will be the third time she has been sick since we got back from Texas- and Davis has been sick once as well- so we have had a kid home sick each week since we have been back. Oy vey. I fly out to LA tomorrow for work, and Bennett has his whole team in town for meetings today and tomorrow- so I'm crossing my fingers she feels better or we figure something out.

Other than that- I'm happy to get out of dodge and into some truly warm weather for a few days. I haven't been on a shoot since October so it's been a while.

More later! Happy MLK day. What an amazing human!!