Holden Turns Five.

I cannot believe that five years ago, Holden came blissfully into this world just as silently and sweetly as she remains today! The best thing that has ever happened on Friday the 13th, for sure. 

Last night we blew up a bunch of pink balloons and put them on her floor, we wrapped presents, and we grocery shopped for her requested breakfast- eggs, bacon and waffles. And then as we all scrambled to celebrate, eat and get ready for work, she looked at us and said "Everyone has to sit at the family table (they usually sit at the bar for breakfast in the morning) and sing happy birthday to me..." and we did. And she shyly looked down like this was catching her by surprise. HA. She is such a ham. 

She opened some gifts (Nanny- I got her a really cute princess game and a sleeve of 12 different princess chap sticks, from you and grandpa, that she was super excited about), her dad and I got her a veterinarian barbie doll with a bunch of baby animals, my sister and mom got her the cutest FATBOY bean bag and some adorable little Dora the Explorer dolls (with Spanish DVDs) and little Davis got her a game called Pop the Pig. She was a happy little clam.

Today she will have cake at friends with her school, tonight we will go to her favorite pizza place with the Ohmes, and then tomorrow we are going with Elsa and Kelley to the Crayola Experience at the Mall of America. :-) Should be a very fun birthday- and I know she will make sure we spread it out all weekend long!

Then Sunday, my girlfriends Sofya, Jackie and I are going cross country skiing! None of us have been, and we are bringing flasks of booze, and it is going to be GREAT!

Here are some pictures of my sweet girl- the perfect blend of sweet and kind and sassy and driven. I cannot wait to see what she does in this world. She is the best.

And a picture of her out in the snow this week!