Ride your Bike and Say Yahoo!

So our basement is empty and the carpet is ripped up...so I have let the kids make it their personal skate/bike/scooter park. This morning, while I was getting ready, I heard what I thought was a little panicked shout. I said "Holden are you okay?" She said "What? I just said "yahoo!" So I said "Oh great- why did you shout 'yahoo'!" To which she responded with "It's fun to ride your bike and say YAHOO!" 

So there you go- a little life lesson from Holden: Ride your bike and say YAHOO!

Okay- so on to the upcoming Sloane play date. It's been 8 months since we scored the last play date. It was right around Valentine's Day if you recall, and Davis got Sloane chocolates, pink tulips, and he also sent her a Valentine's card that when opened, showcased a hamster singing "Shake Shake Shake, Shake Shake Shake, Shake your Booty!"

We got close to another play date this summer, but after a few emails, communication fell off. So when he began to ask me again, I felt like this was the time to really put it in their court and either get the damn play date negotiated, or find some closure.

So I emailed Sloane's mom and basically said "Okay- going to give this one last shot...and if you guys are busy, or honestly, if Sloane is just more interested in playing with her gal pals, I totally get that, but Davis continues to ask- so just hit me with it..." And she wrote back, apologized and said Sloane would love to have the play date and has just been asking about Davis. 

So I shared the good news with Davis- that YES he was going to have a play date and that YES we actually had a date and that YES she would come to his house and on top of that, her mom is going to pick her up after THREE hours, when Sloane's brother is done at a birthday party. 

HIS GRIN was so big. And he jumped up on my bed, flopped his little body and shouted "WOOHOO!" And that was Monday and he has been talking about it non-stop.

After I lit a candle last night, while cleaning up dishes:
"MOM- do you think we could make it smell really good here when Sloane comes over? Like light all your best candles- so it smells so good?"

The day he found out she was coming over:
"MOM, do you think we could turn music on when she walks in the house and it could sort of be like a 'welcome to our house' celebration?"

When saying prayers the other night:
"Mom don't laugh at my prayer, okay? Dear God- thank you for making Sloane and me boyfriend and girlfriend..."

At the grocery store:
"MOM. I need to get these flowers and a card for my girlfriend..."

Even Holden has caught the fever...last night while watching Davis reach for the last brownie, she shouted:
"DAVIS! Leave some for your girlfriend!!!"

Oh he is so sweet- some girl is going to be very lucky to land that handsome lover boy. Thanks to yours truly... ;-)