Love Update.

I'm so sorry I have left you on pins and needles after the Sloane play date. Here is the scoop...

Her parents came in to see our new house and just chat for a bit and as we thanked them for letting her come over, I got the quick take that she has been a little freaked out that Davis is in love with her. Her mom actually said that she looked at her and said "Mom. I think Davis is in love with me..." and by the way her mom explained to us that she told Sloane that no, they are just buddies, I realized that perhaps Davis has come on a little too strong. 

So we downplayed any interactions that might suggest he is in love with her (which was hard to do because he totally is) and they had a really great play date. We got a taco pinata and filled it with candy and let them break that apart...we played Bean Boozled...and then went down to the creek to play/walk around. I was gone the last 30 minutes of the play date- for a work out- so afterwards, I asked Bennett how drop off went. 

He said it went great- and then told me about the cutest/funniest exchange that happened in the car. On the way home, somehow Sloane was telling Davis about how her parents met and how they got married and kissed, and Davis casually went on to say "Oh my parents kiss all the time. And it doesn't even gross me out. In fact, it wouldn't even gross me out if you kissed me. Right now. Would it gross you out?"


So later I said to him "So Davis- how did the play date go? Did you have fun? Do you still feel like she is your girlfriend or are you just buds?" (I was going to tee up the idea that it's totally great to be just buds...) when he said "Well. She doesn't want to marry me."

Sam: Oh really? Oh. Hmm. How does that make you feel?

Davis: Well horrible really. She told me that we are really young and that I will spend the rest of my life looking for just the right person...and well, what if I just don't find that person?


Sam: Well Davis- you're six. You don't have to worry about that now. The good news is- you can be great friends, best friends even, and you can worry about that other stuff later.

And he seemed fine with that explanation- for now. That hasn't, however, stopped him from lifting rocks and logs at school during recess to build his muscles so he can show them off to his girlfriend. SERIOUSLY. His friends are climbing the monkey bars and playing tag and Davis has built a make shift nature gym just behind the play yard. 

Oy vey. 

Luckily I got a note from Sloane's mom the next day saying she had a great time and cannot wait to have Davis over. We'll see!


And the best shot of all: