Hello from LA!

Got here Tuesday around lunch and have been pre-prepping for the holiday shoot and last night was our first night on set. Things are going well- I'm glad I came at the beginning to help get everything off to the right start. Here is a picture of Jackie and I (my best work friend- short brown hair on my left) and our agency team from New York.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Bennett is playing super dad. Pico had to go to the vet with an ear infection, Davis had his first night at church choir, he's been installing a condensation pump in the basement, they attended family breakfast today at Ds school, and he has also been collecting and printing five pictures for Holden's show and tell today. She was so funny- she told us about this project- and she was so excited and also had VERY specific ideas around which pictures she wanted to bring. She wanted "one of you and daddy getting married, one of her when she was a baby, one of our whole family, one of nikki and honey, and one of her and elsa..." I wish I could be there to hear her tell her friends about each picture and why it is special. 

And then yes- I signed Davis up for church choir. You know, he wants to be a singer and learn to play the guitar and I have been looking into guitar and where he could sing, etc and then I got an email from our church telling me about kids choir. So I signed him up and they went Wednesday and he really loved it. I hope they do a performance- I would love to see that.

And here are some pictures Bennett has sent me this week:

This is Holden, drawing me. And then apparently she cut my arms and legs off, trying to cut me out of the paper. :-)

Family breakfast at Highlands...

I cannot wait to get home! We shoot from 9:30 pm to 7:30 am tonight and then I fly home tomorrow afternoon.