Big Weekend.

This weekend we are celebrating Bennett's birthday- I will be out of town on his actual birthday- so Saturday is the new day this year! Then Sunday we are having Sloane over- the day has finally come. 

Then begins our weeks of week I leave for LA to shoot the first part of our holiday campaign. I come back Saturday night and then Bennett starts his work events- Sunday-Monday he has GC convention and then Wednesday through Sunday he is hosting a bunch of people from across the country to the Ryder Cup- which is here this year...which is apparently a big deal.

Then we are both home for three days and then Honey comes and I leave for New York for two days while Bennett heads to Dallas for three days, then I get home that Saturday and then I leave Sunday for the 2nd part of my shoot in LA. The shoot is four weeks long. So I'm actually covering very little of it.

Anyway- then we are finally home for a few days and then I think the four of us are going to Disney. Oh my Lord, time is going to fly...

Here goes! In the meantime, some recent pictures.

Holden, in her chosen attire, being Police Girl in our driveway.

Looking sharp for school...

Holden had a plantar's wart frozen off on Thursday- she had named him Mr. Slappypack...and I think she will sort of miss him. Never has a person loved their plantar's wart quite like she did.

More later!