He's a Grader Now.

Davis started first grade on Monday! We have been so excited about first grade because it is in first grade that the Continued Progress program begins. Essentially, on Monday, he started in a class including 1st, 2nd and some 3rd graders. He has one lead teacher, and that lead teacher (a female) partners with a male teacher next door. His class also has two assistants, so there are three teachers in each room. The class is called a family- and everyone calls each other by their first names, including the teachers. The idea is that this type of learning environment cuts down on bullying, and leverages the fact that you can learn more from people that are older and more experienced than you. It also provides the opportunity to focus on say reading at the first grade level, while if you excel at math, you can learn up with the 2nd graders. This program is the whole reason we have wanted Davis to go to this school- as it's not our neighborhood school. 

So he started Monday and he was just beaming over the fact that he is a grader now. He was so happy and confident walking into school, and has had a great attitude every day after school. 

Monday morning, of course I did the quintessential first day pictures, but Davis really dialed it up with his ideas for poses.

Yes, he insisted on climbing up in the tree...he was quite certain this would nail the essence of his first day as a grader. And clearly- he was right.

Holden was very excited for Davis- she can be super supportive of him and on his first day, she certainly was. She has her first day of Junior K this coming Monday and she is so excited to have her special day too.

We had a really great summer. The kids had three weeks off at the end- one in Texas, two at home, to just play and feel like they had a true summer. And I was a bit worried that they wouldn't want to go back to school- especially Holden. But she marched right back in on Monday- and as she did- all her little boy friends at school shouted "Hi Holden! Where have you been?" It was adorable.

Anyway- we did some fun things ahead of school Monday to celebrate the end of summer...and Holden really SHOWED up with her fashions along the way.


The sass level is at an all time high- and while it's cute in clothes- we are really working with her on her tone. I don't like it. I say "Where is my sweet Holdy girl?" She is going to be a boss.

And then Davis, on the other hand, very often pulls on a t-shirt or shorts BACKWARDS and wears it that way all day. Whatever works.

Minnesota feels like it has the best ice cream in all the lands. I'm not sure it's true- I'm not a big ice cream eater- but Sebastian Joe's is a cute little place to get ice cream and that is where we went on Sunday. The kids like climbing on the turtles in the yard.

I"m semi-sad that summer is over, but luckily, I've always loved fall and September is such a beautiful month here. There is a classic breeze in the air and that quintessential autumn smell...so I'm not too sad.

Today- Carrie and Zach get into town and I know they will be enjoying the fall weather this weekend. I'm so excited to see them- I'm also excited not to have guests for a while afterwards. :-)

Oh and since this is a place of updates- did I mention that our basement flooded? Twice? Replacing all the carpet, the tile, etc. What a nightmare. A literal shit show if you know what I mean. But that's boring to talk about...we'll get it taken care of.

Have a good weekend if we don't talk til Monday!