Damn you, Bat!

Have you started watching the 5 part ESPN documentary on OJ Simpson? It is mind-blowingly incredible. There is so much information and cultural context that you get while watching it that I don't know that you could pick up otherwise. Bennett and I have been watching it non-stop.

Friday night, we were sitting on the couch at about 10 pm with all the lights off, watching the third episode, when all of the sudden something flew across our living room, at about eye level.

I FROZE and slowly said "WHAT. THE. FUDGE. WAS. THAT." But I knew deep in my heart what it was. It was a bat. In our house. In Minnesota. So, of course, Bennett jumped up to find a broom, and that is when the chaos ensued. I could only hear it though because I was hiding under a blanket, refusing to come out, until it was gone. I was sweating bullets and Davis was shouting as the bat DIVE BOMBED him throughout our kitchen and living room.

He was shouting at me to help him, as he propped both the front and the back doors open, but I was paralyzed. 

We never did find him and now I live in fear of it landing on my face while I sleep or biting me with his super sharp fangs as I reach to open a blind or a curtain or a cabinet. Davis SWEARS he flew out the door- but I have no confirmation. I have no closure. Its the WORST.

Anyway- that was the big drama of the weekend. I've hardly slept since. 

Aside from that, we had the Schneiders over for dinner Saturday and just hung around on Sunday. Last night we walked six blocks down the street to one of our favorite restaurants and had dinner. It was a beautiful night and I felt very lucky that we can do that in our new neighborhood.

Katelyn is with the kids today- Holden and Elsa have theater camp every day this week and I can't really go to work late and then leave to pick her up at noon each day- so Katelyn has been helping- which allows Holden to go to camp and Davis to stay home or go to the park or pool or whatever. They are both super happy about it. She just sent me these pictures!


Happy Monday!