Busy Week.

Sorry I haven't posted much this week- it's been a busy one for me. And it's been SO NICE to have Bennett home so I could do the many things I needed/wanted to do. I cannot tell you what a difference it is to have help. I know that sounds crazy- but it's just amazing.

So Monday I worked out. Tuesday we had our agency in town from New York so we took them out for drinks and appetizers. Later Tuesday night we had the Neighborhood Night Out at our neighbor's house. Wednesday we had a new doctor's appointment for Davis after work, and then last night I had my team over for book club while Bennett took the kids to dinner and a movie. 

My favorite thing of the week was last night's book club. I have a team of 8 women right now- varying ages, perspectives, backgrounds, but I really adore them all...so I invited (read: made, i'm their boss) them to be a part of at book club and the first one was at my house last night over wine and appetizers.

Separately- I've been wanting to start a thing where a group of women from all different backgrounds get together and talk about great things- but I haven't really figured out how to start or whom to invite- and then you get into this thing where you will hurt this friends feeling if you don't invite them- but you really want to create the right dynamic...

ANYWAY- I realized after book club last night that I might have created the very thing I am after with my team of gals at work. I didn't get any pictures from last night- but to give you an idea- here are a few of the ladies at work.

We had a great time and the next one is at Jackie's- she is in the middle with short hair. She is inviting a financial planner to talk to us about how to get smart on the stock market. !!! I'm so excited. 

National Night Out was fun too- the kids loved it. Especially when the cop showed up with his motorcycle and handcuffs.

Holden just be-bopped around the party like she had known our neighbors for years. I would look over and see her tugging on a lady's shirt, asking her to open her water bottle for her.

Davis spent most of his time stuffing his face with brownies while I wasn't looking- as you can see above.

Anyway- it was a fun and busy week and this weekend we are having Krissy, Patrick and their kids over Saturday night for dinner, and then on Sunday, Davis was invited to his first play date. :-) So that is exciting. I'm happy for him.

Have a good weekend.