Magic Middle.

Courtney and her cousin, also a middle child, refer to themselves as the magic middles in their family. In this post, I'm talking about the middle of our trip, which certainly claims the title of "Magic Middle" too...

It was SO much fun to spend five days with my mom, my sis, and my grandparents. It actually rained most days- but we still had a blast. Holden was listening to my mom talking about all the food and snacks she had gotten for our visit when she interrupted and said "We should have a party!" And because she was so persistent and didn't let it go- we DID have a party. And it was so much fun. I had such a great week seeing my kids feel so happy- being in their favorite place with their favorite people.

Party pic montage!

She swam in her party hat- and she slept in it too.

Donald Trump combover...about the only thing I care to reference when it comes to that disgusting human being...but that's neither here nor there, right? Ha.

Holden picked a "4" and Davis picked a "7" even though he doesn't turn 7 until November. But together, as 47, it made me laugh.

Sweet snuggles with my girl!

Donuts with nanny and grandpa- she really wore her Snow White pajama gown a good majority of the trip...and then my mom got that old tiara out for her, plus some high heels and she was in heaven.


When she wasn't wearing her gown- she was wearing this!

Holden was OBSESSED with the sting rays at Sea World's waterpark and DESPERATELY wanted to swim with them. And Nikki and I debated who would be brave enough to go in with her, UNTIL, we saw one of those huge beasts essentially become vertical and wrap it's wings around a woman's legs. And then and there we decided that Holden's dream of swimming with the sting rays would have to come true on another day. With other people.

Davis, on the other hand, was quite literally disgusted. "THESE ARE THE WORST THINGS I EVER SAW!" He said..."WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE, THIS PLACE IS TOO CRAZY!" He said.

Night and day, those two. Such a fun time...