We had so much fun with Honey in town. It went so fast, it was unreal. I feel like she was here for five minutes. But they were a GREAT five minutes (actually 3 1/2 days). She got here Thursday night and we were all hungry so I wanted to take her to dinner where we could sit on the patio...but everyone else had that idea, so we had to sit inside. We still had fun.

Holden is like Honey's mini-me while she is around. She wants to do everything like Honey, and everything WITH Honey. Its very sweet. 

Friday, my mom spent the day with the kids while I worked. I didn't take the day off since we're going to Texas for a week in about a week and a half. They had a blast and were beat by the end of the day. Started the day with donuts, then went to the park, then went to the pool, and Honey was so surprised how much they have learned this summer and how well they swim! Davis showed Honey how he could go off the diving board and when he told me about it, he said "And she didn't even have a heart attack, mom!!"

Saturday morning we went to Holden's soccer game- and my mom loved getting to see that...and of course on the way there we stopped for breakfast, and Honey whipped her sprinkles out of her purse and they had sprinkles on the go. Only Honey...

Then we stopped at the Farmer's Market so Honey could enjoy some Minnesota sweet corn and fresh tomatoes. 

Davis dropped a giant canteloupe while browsing, so we have canteloupe for days too! Also that afternoon, my mom watched the kiddos while i went to a workout and perused a few shops on my own. It was so nice!

Then Sunday morning we got up fairly early and had breakfast at French Meadow and then to the Loring Park Art Fair. I wish I had taken pictures at the art fair, but I didn't bring my phone. Guess I was just too busy enjoying myself. But it was lovely and Honey bought me a really great photo that I will hang and share here. I am obsessed with it- you will see why.

That afternoon we went to the pool- and despite the looks on their faces- we all had a blast. It was SO hot, Honey said it was as hot as it is in Texas. So we just HAD to go take a dip in the cool water.

Davis also got to walk through his kindergarten portfolio with her while she was here too. Though he complained she took too long. ;-)

We had so much fun and I was so happy to have her here for the weekend. TGFH! Thank God for Honey!