Just a Kid.

Sometimes you remember that you are just a kid in a grown up body. That's how I feel today. I cannot wait to get the heck outta here and get to Texas to see my friends and family and just have a week of care-free fun. 

I can't wait to see Nikki at the airport, I can't wait to spend the week with her and my mom in Fred. Just hanging out by the pool, hopefully drinking Coronas and eating Starburst. Maybe we will make some margaritas- maybe we will talk about life and love- and maybe we will laugh and play card games or make something cool. Who knows. The world will be our oyster. 

I can't wait to see my grandparents- I always look forward to that. I can't wait for them to see how much Davis and Holden have grown. The beans, of course, cannot wait to get donuts with them.

And I cannot wait to spend this weekend with my girlfriends. Courtney is picking me up and then all my best gals are getting together by the pool for the afternoon and then we have reservations at one of my favorite old-school Austin places that night. Kirsten is coming from San Antonio, Meredith is coming from Dallas, and then about 6 of my local gal pals will be there. It's going to be so much fun.

AND THEN, Bennett has decided to turn a work trip into a fun trip and he will meet up with us on Friday and will go with us to see Katie and her family in Houston. Can't decide if we will go Friday (that was the plan) or if we should spend a night together in Austin with our co-ed group of friends and go Saturday. Both would be fun...

Anyway- I am like a kid and I can't wait to get out of work and I can't wait to get my nails done tomorrow and pack my stuff and get this party started. :-)

Before I get this party started- we'll go to Holden's Pixie Hollow play and Davis' end of summer family picnic, and then tomorrow night, the boys are going with Nate and his boys to the Twins game...which will allow Holden and I to get ready for the big trip!

EEK! Cannot wait. Smell ya later.