Month of Fun.

We are having so much fun watching the Olympics. Mainly the swimming. The kids are having so much fun being foot loose and fancy free instead of going to school. And I just realized that they have three weeks of that. How fun for them! This week they are home with Katelyn, next week we are in Texas, and then the last week of summer, Katelyn is keeping them for the week again. This is working out beautifully. I wanted to give them a little break before school kicks in and I didn't even realize that it will happen- until I thought it through today!

It will make the transition back a bit more difficult- but we'll deal with that later.

So Kelley informed me yesterday that Elsa and Holden are so excited that they are both going to be winter fairies in the play this Friday. Which is news to me because Holden is like a steel trap when it comes to what is going on at Theater Camp. Every time I ask her about it- what did they do? did they sing? did they dance? did they act like animals? what was her favorite thing? she responds with commentary about snack time. "Well, I like it because we have snack time and today we had strawberries and gummi bears..." 

So there you go.

And here is a little peek into our mornings. Davis has been coming in around 3 or 4 in the morning pretty regularly- and honestly- though it gets crowded at times- I don't hate it. He is going to grow out of that desire to snuggle up with us so quickly so I think I'll let it ride. And then Holden comes in around 6 because she is awake for the day...and when she comes in, the door is left open for Pico, so this is sort of what 6:30 looks like in our house.

Picture one more adult in there and it's a pretty full bed. :-)