Let Freedom Ring!

You know, July 4th is my favorite holiday in the midwest, hands down. Everyone is so spirited, the grass is so green, the breeze is so fresh, and most people take off a full week to celebrate. So we always look forward to it, and this weekend did not disappoint. It went a little different than planned, but all in all, we had a great time. 

Friday after work we went to the pool for a quick swim, then Saturday morning Davis had a friend named Theo over. They had a great time together- so hopefully they will invite him over next. Saturday evening, Davis and I went to dinner, and then to a hidden speak easy in uptown Minneapolis with some friends- Carmen and Derrick. Sunday afternoon I took Holden and Elsa to the pool while Davis and Davis worked on the gazebo (I think Bennett is regretting ever starting that project) and then Monday morning we went to the parade. We were supposed to go to a friend's house Monday afternoon, but Davis wasn't feeling so hot, so we just hung around at home.

I feel like this is a snapshot to their future- looks like a sorority girl pic. Ha.

Look at this sweet boy- he didn't even give me a hard time when I asked him to wear this button down. Kid is growing up. He is so sweet and handsome. Poor guy left in the middle of the parade beacuse his stomach was hurting. :-(

Elsa's parents throw a pre-parade party every year and this year we sat with all those friends during the parade which was fun too! I love this pic- they look like a little Gap ad. :-)

We were bored of hanging around inside later that day (it was pretty hot and again, D felt bad) so we got in the car and drove to Wisconsin to buy some fireworks. It was a gorgeous drive! So much corn- knee high by the 4th of July!

It was an awesome weekend and Davis was home and that was really great. He's been gone so much lately- and I don't see it letting up. He left last night and won't be home until Sunday. :-( But anyway- we had a great time and I hope you enjoyed the 4th too!