Kids These Days.

When I went to the dentist- it was misery. It was a boring old office, within a drab office building, the carpet was old and brown and the walls were tan. My dentist's name was Dr. Bear- and that was about the only thing I remember liking about him. He always wore one of those tight white jackets with a high neck that made you wonder if it was actually dentistry attire or a straight jacket. And the worst, the very worst, was that he ALWAYS had spit webs in the corner of his mouth. It wasn't clear spit, it was white spit, as if the whole day he somehow hadn't opened his mouth wide enough for it to stretch and break, and like he desperately needed a damn drink of water. 

I remember thinking "Of all people to have a gross mouth situation- my dentist?" Blech. I hated going to the dentist. I still do. And I found that I also have anxiety when bringing Davis and Holden to the dentist as I did this very morning. They've been a couple times, but one time Rachel took them and another time Davis took them. So today was my first visit and you can only imagine my surprise at how different their dentist experience was from mine.

First of all, the whole ride there, they kept asking if this was the fun doctor, with the tree house. They have very vivid imaginations so I said something like "I don't know that a DOCTOR would have a TREE house in their office, but that's a fun idea..." 

And then we get there and there is a damn tree house in the front waiting room. And a flat screen TV, and books and animals and art out the ying yang. 

I didn't get a bunch of pictures, but the tree house was so big that I could comfortably get in and hang out. I mean, look at Holden's face. Just wait till she goes to Disney!

So as you can imagine, they don't mind going to the dentist at all. They did great, and they each got to pick out a toy when they left. Holden picked a jump rope and Davis picked a whoopie cushion. 

Okay, this is kind of an awkward picture, but LOOK HOW LONG HER LEGS ARE!!! SHE IS ALL LEGS. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN? And yes, she got amazing new high tops that she is so proud of. They light up with each step.


Oy vey. Kids these days.