Weekend in Review.

Thursday night, Davis came home from school early with a fever, and he didn't really feel so great all weekend. I'm hoping that some of the vitamins he is taking (for immune system) will start helping, but we're also seeing a new doctor with him this week and plan to talk through everything going on with Davis- from challenges, to meds, to just his general cruddy immune system...though I can't say that is unique to him, Holden has a wimpy immune system too, and really, Nikki and I do too. So anyway, Bennett picked him up from school and Holden and I had a little dinner date. We haven't done that for a while, and she was thrilled.

She LOVES to go to the mall when we have our dates, so I let her pick, and of course she chose Cheesecake Factory. If she ate all her dinner, she could choose a dessert. Of course she ate all of her dinner. Girlfriend loves sweets. And food in general. We were talking the other day about how she has such a keen sense of smell for a little girl. She will say things like "It smells like rain, mommy..." and sure enough- hours later, it will rain. Or she will walk into a room and say "It smells like chocolate with marshmallows on it in here..." and sure enough, something sweet will be cooking somewhere. Anyway. Maybe she will be a chef!

She let me have a couple bites. Just a couple. Then we walked through the mall so I could return a few things. I asked her to smile for a picture while waiting in line somewhere and this is how she posed. She is such a ham.

So that was Thursday night and then Friday night- we typically go out to family dinner together, and we very often go to Barrio. This Friday, we were sending Kirsten pictures, showing her we were excited about her new job. This is what we sent her- us cheers-ing over margaritas!

Saturday, it rained all day. So we went to Home Depot and watched some movies and I got really adventurous and cooked an Indian dish- Chaan Masala. Geez- the smell of Indian spices wafting through your home is unbeatable.

I picked these beautiful purple flowers for two planters on my front step...and they are gorgeous, but man they stink. Salvia. Who knew? I sure didn't...of course Holden noticed right away.

Chaan masala- basically chickpea curry. It was really good- but it would have been better as a side. After about five bites, we were both sort of over it. Same taste over and over and over...but it was fun to cook. 

And then Sunday, Bennett needed to pick up some dress clothes, so we went to the big anniversary sale at Nordstrom. And because the kids were so patient, they got to go on two rides. 

This was the first weekend all summer when we haven't gone to the pool at all. We will have to make up for lost time this weekend.