Things I'm Into...

I've been trying some new things lately- some more recently than others, some with more clear impacts than others- but I am very excited about these new things so I thought I would share here. 

I'm reading again. Let me share some background. Since about junior high- I've always been a fiction reader. I've always been reading 1-2 books at a time...on top of school books (when I chose to read those...ha). I think around the same time I became a mom, I sort of stopped reading fiction, novels, etc. So that's been about six years of time where I have been reading the news, and short articles, instead of anything long or of significant substance. 

When I think about why- I think it's usually because after work and playing with kids- I have either gone to bed or done something like watch TV, or even just read short articles that don't require as much mental investment.

So anyway- I started a book club for my team at work- and I've been reading that book "Crucial Confrontations". I'm trying to teach these passive midwesterners how to have a healthy conversation even/especially when there will be confrontation.


AND, I ordered a book called "Brain Rules" which I'm actually enjoying even more. I ordered it based on a referral from a blog I have been reading about ADHD- but honestly I haven't quite figured out how it has anything to do specifically with ADHD, and that's fine by me because it's just brilliant in general.

Clearly there is a theme here. Books that will help you: TAKE NO SHIT and SURVIVE/KICK ASS at work and in life. Which should tell you a little something about where my head is. HA! So anyway- I'm very excited about reading again and I'm still unpacking why I've shifted from fiction to non-fiction. I almost have zero interest in fiction- which is SO WEIRD for me. When I think about why, I'm sort of like "There is so much real stuff to learn about out there- I don't have time for this fake stuff right now..." 

I'm also VERY into Orange Theory. Which is a new type of gym that has been rolling out across the US- essentially it's group circuit training- but what is unique about it is that you wear a heart rate monitor and it syncs to a giant screen on the wall, showing your heart rate and where you are from a color perspective. So, for example, when you are warming up, you are in the grey zone, and then as your heart rate goes up, you move from grey to blue to green to orange to red. And the "Orange Theory" is that you want to spend at least 12-15 minutes in the orange zone to create optimal burn- in the session and after.

Really- I like it because:
- It's as tough a work out as I did with Ahmad- first time I've worked out like that since we moved
- It's circuit training- so not matter how much you think you're about to die- you also know that that section is bound to be over soon
- the music is loud and great and you feel like you're at a club
- there are all types of people there- at all levels of fitness- because you're really just watching the screen for your numbers, and competing against yourself
- it's right down my street
- my friend Kelley turned me on to it- so we go together, which is what makes me get up and go at 7:30 every sunday morning. also, i got carrie, in austin, turned on to it so we are always texting each other notes and encouragement about it.

So anyway- I like orange theory- I'm really enjoying it and I'm feeling changes to my bod, even though the scale isn't showing them quite yet. 

So, reading about Brain Rules has made me aware of so many other things- sleep, food, exercise, etc actually impact the way you age and your performance...and while I know this isn't news, the way he writes about it so factually and practically, has really changed my perspective on my daily decisions. SO, between this book and the blog about ADHD, I've also gotten into vitamins and a few supplements. Nothing crazy- just making sure we're all taking daily vitamins, fish oil, and a few things specific to Davis and ADHD. So we'll see if we notice any changes.

Travel! I'm also very into travel. I think it's a few things- 1) not wanting to feel stuck in Minnesota all the time- the months get long come winter, 2) feeling like it's a good way to substantiate and reward ourselves for how hard we work and 3) wanting to give Davis and Holden great opportunities and a strong world view.

So, we're planning and saving so we can do some fun stuff this fall, winter and spring. The kids' schools close for two days in October- so we are thinking about going to Disney. August and September will be VERY hairy for us work-wise, so it will be nice to have a few days to relax and have fun together. Then in December, we were invited to a wedding in Savannah- and I'm just dying to go to Savannah and especially for a wedding. It's the best way to try new cities- a well planned, well done wedding, which I know this one will be. It's black tie and I'm sure we will have so much fun. Not just because they will plan a fabulous weekend, but also because it's Courtney's little brother, so we will get to spend the weekend in Savannah with Courtney and B! And Nikki is going to keep the kids, so they will be in hog heaven.

And I simply cannot wait to go to Texas for a week in a couple weeks. I so need a break and I cannot wait to see my friends and family. Of special note is the fact that the kids and I are going to Houston the last weekend of our visit- to see Katie and her family! I haven't seen my college best friend now in three years- since I've been here and she has been in Singapore. So that will be sooo fun!

So lots of new fun things going on- I'm feeling refreshed and like I'm growing and changing and that always feels good. :-)