Summer in the Cities.

I don't need to belabor the point that summer in the twin cities is just gorgeous. Instead, I will simply show you some pictures I took this past weekend- of things blooming at our house- and Ellie's little girl's birthday party. Only in Minnesota is fishing a key part of a three year old party.

I didn't plant any of these beautiful things- we just inherited great landscaping. BUT, I did recently have the whole backyard groomed because it was starting to look like a wild jungle...and it does look lovely if I do say so myself.

These beautiful "wild" flowers are growing right in front of my front window. I don't have hydrangeas at this house- but I have a lot of other beautiful flowers. I like the colors on these a lot and they sort of remind me of Texas.

My girlfriend Ellie's backyard. It's amazing. They just moved and this is pretty far out- but people love a good lake out here and will commute just to have one in their backyard. I'd rather just have a friend with a great lake in their backyard. :-)

View of the back yard and the party...

Of course Holden wanted to get in...

Davis decided to fish instead- and caught about 8 sunnies. He was so excited to catch them but sad to throw them back in because he thought we would cook them for dinner. :-)