Davis has been asking us for weeks to help him with a lemonade stand- and while I love the idea in general- our street is pretty slow so I was having a hard time figuring out where we could have this stand. Then it dawned on me: Holden's soccer game. 

So last week, while I was in LA, I asked Bennett to get the stuff and prep lemonade for the morning game Saturday. I was picturing him getting an orange cooler with a spout, some red solo cups, and some Country Time Lemonade. I forgot who I was dealing with. I got home late Friday night, and I woke up to Davis and Bennett making lemonade...and as you will see in the pictures, it became quite the production. They used my glass jars, Bennett insisted on a yellow tablecloth to go with the theme, they made a sign, and they cut individual lemon slices to put on each and every cup. 

As we got set up, I tried to tell Davis that it didn't matter how many he sold, that some people may want lemonade and some may not, and that's okay. I was secretly worried he would sell 2 cups. On the flip side, his dad looked at him at one point and said "See all these people, Davis? They ALL have money. You just have to convince give their you."

His eyes were wide. And then for the next hour, he ran across the four different fields, pitching his business. It went something like "Hi, I'm Davis. I'm selling lemonade for 50 cents a glass- would you like some? I'll bring it to you!" He worked every individual on every field. And by the end of the hour, he sold out of lemonade. 60 cups. $30. He was so proud. It was the very best thing to watch- and I think he learned a lot.

We then explained to him that we had been his angel investors. We had paid for the lemonade, the cups, the lemons, etc. and that THIS time, we were happy to chip in. But next time, now that he was $30 rich, he needed to fund the supplies. So we suggested he put $5 aside so he could do it again and make more money. He was hesitant at first- but got on board, gave us his $5 and then went and spent the other $25 on a new game at Best Buy. He worked hard and we were so proud.

We were tired after all that work in the heat- it's actually been Texas HOT here this week and honestly, we've gotten wimpy up here so it feels even hotter. So that afternoon we went to the pool for a while and then Saturday night, I wanted Davis to see Wayzata, so we all went for a nice dinner at 6 Smith, where I went the weekend before with Kelley and Jenny. It was a bit gray by then so we actually got a table outside right away, which was awesome. 

Then we walked around and had ice cream after dinner. It was a really fun, and different night out together. (Also, look at Davis' belly sticking out under that shirt! It makes me so happy. Finally putting some meat on his bones.)

More tomorrow!