Good Friends.

Bennett was gone Tuesday through Sunday this past week- he had work and then extended his trip to see his brother in Maine- so I had another weekend home with the kids. And that's getting old, I'm not going to lie...I very often feel like a single parent...but that is not the point of THIS post. The point of this post is that the weekend caused me to really reflect on some things- mainly that I have now been here three years- and that I am really blessed to have such good friends here. 

Maybe because they realize how often I am by myself, or maybe just because they were home rather than at their lake house this weekend- but Sarah and Nate made it their business to make sure I felt like I had plans and friends this weekend. They invited us to the horse races Friday night- we didn't make it because I was so beat from a workout I had done after work- and Davis got in a little bit of trouble at school...then Saturday I met Nate and the kids at the pool (Sarah was out of town for the day) and then Sunday night, they had us over for dinner. 

On top of that, Saturday night I had dinner with Kelly and Jenny (Elsa's mom and her little sister) in Wayzata, and then Kelly and Elsa met us for a movie Sunday morning. How nice is that little weekend? It made me feel like a million bucks, honestly. I'm super thankful for the friends I have made here. It makes me think of my mom and the friends she still has from South Dakota- these midwest people- hard to get to know, but when you do...they are some good people. 

So anyway- let me tell you more about our girls night out Saturday. We went to Wayzata, which is on one side of Lake Minnetonka. And apparently it's where the SUPER wealthy people live. And it is GORGEOUS. And I only feel bad that I haven't taken more people out there when they have come to visit. There is a cute little main street, right along the water, with shops and restaurants, and we ate at the cutest little place right on the water. We had such a good time and finished with drinks on the rooftop bar. It was the best little night out- they are so fun.

And here are some pictures from this weekend that flew by like just a moment.

Holden played soccer again on Saturday. I use the word "played" loosely- she sort of meandered around the field, chatting, looking around, picking flowers. But she stayed on the field the whole time- so I feel like we are making progress. And she says she LOVES soccer and tells everyone that she scored six goals and won the game. Hmm.

Mid-game flower delivery. So sweet. Both Davis and Holden are constantly picking flowers for me. I am very lucky! Not helping her team very much, but it means a lot to me. :-)

Meanwhile, Davis has found a friend that is usually there during the games, and this week he brought his German long swords and they had a great time dueling while the soccer game played on. At one point, Davis came to watch with me, and he looked at me and said "Why isn't Holden trying to get the ball?" Good question, Davis. Good question.

At the park. Characters. Holden now poses that way for almost every picture. Power pose.

At the pool. Have I told you that Davis now goes off the high dive alone? He is becoming a great little swimmer.

Kelley on the left, Jenny on the right. Jenny kept the kids for us while we were in New Orleans in March.

Pool time with Paige at the Ohme's. She is getting so big- Holden kept saying "She's talking, mommy. She's talking!"

I wish summer would never end. :-)