I got a little backed up over here, and now I still have some pictures from July 4th weekend. So let me get through those and then post some new stuff from THIS weekend.

Wonder what Davis is so excited about? Nikki and Honey sent them these cute little boxes with science learning projects called Koala Crates. Davis' was all about gravity and building a pendulum you could then paint with...

Mid-build he realized his tooth was loose- so what did he and Bennett do? Pulled it out with pliers! CRAZY PEOPLE!

So he has two bottom teeth missing- and I haven't seen anything coming in- so I'm hoping there are big teeth in there, planning to come up.

And here is the final project! After we finished the project, Holden was still napping, so D and I took a walk down to the creek together. Kid never slows down.

Then when Holden woke up, I showed her the little crate she received. Hers was all about camping and she built a campfire and a little bear backpack. It was so easy and so fun. We played like we were having a camp out and she used it all afternoon. THANK YOU NIKKI AND HONEY!

This was our campfire- even Pico came to visit. At least until the hamster in the pink robe started telling ghost stories...