Memorial Day Weekend.

HOW is it already the Friday a week after memorial day weekend? Time is flying by so quickly, I can't even handle it. Today is my mom's birthday- so a quick shout out to the lady that made me. Hello and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Or as my grandpa would say "Go, Mollie, Go!" I love it when he tells me that. 

Anyway- we had the best time over Memorial day weekend. We did SO. MANY. THINGS. We have been so busy lately- I just wanted to have downtime as the family- doing summery things. We did summery things for sure- but as you will see from the pictures- I'm not sure I can say there was much down time.

This is what I woke up to at about 7:30 am on Saturday morning. Silly kids.

Breakfast out at our favorite spot- French Meadow Bakery.

Some coloring for someone special's birthday- sorry mom- I haven't sent them yet, but they were made just for you.

Just hanging around. I love this picture of Holden. That is her happy, content face.

A first trip to Lake Harriet- I kept telling them it was too cold to get in...but Holden jumped right in. Davis hates seaweed (just like me) so he mainly meandered around, knocking down other people's sand castles, and finding dead fish. EEWWWW.

This is the first picture I have seen in years- where his face looks round. It makes me happy. He has been so skinny at times and I love to see him filling out. Even if he still has bird legs. Just like me. :-)

Then on Sunday, we went to the zoo. This was a Holden request- she was sooooo excited. And honestly, it was very fun! The bears put on an amazing show- wrestling with each other right down in the water, in front of the window.

Girlfriend knows how to take a picture. ALWAYS BE POSIN.

It was a long and very hot day (surprisingly) and the kids were spent. As you can see by the next picture. HA!

Tonight after school we'll go celebrate the final day of the school year. Then tomorrow we'll play around and get stuff done and we have dinner plans with Murphy and her fiance. Then Sunday I am working out with my friend Kelley (Elsa's mom) and then Sunday night, we're all (our family and Kelley's family) going to Lake Harriet to listen to music at the bandshell.

Monday I head to LA for the week for our Back to School shoot. We're working with a celebrity, which will be fun. I haven't been out to LA since January, which feels like lifetimes ago, so I'm actually looking forward to it. So if my posting is infrequent- you will know why.

Have a great weekend!