Sporty Spice.

We had a really fun weekend- Friday night we met the Ohmes at the pool and swam until about 7:30 and then we went to their house for pizza. The kids had a blast- they have so much fun together. 

And then on Saturday, Holden had her first soccer game. She was feeling so proud of herself and insisted on borrowing one of Davis' "Jordan Spieth" shirts so she could feel sporty. Luckily (or unfortunately- depends how you look at it) the shirt he loaned her is the same color as their team shirt so she made 3 different wardrobe changes during the game.

Let me first just say that Saturday was the HOTTEST day I think we have ever experienced in Minnesota. It was about 95 and so incredibly muggy. And I guess the kids are really not used to that- so Holden was really concerned about her sweat level. She came walking out of the game about 15 different times, to let me know that she was too sweaty...she either needed to change her shirt or she wanted to sit out. So, she spent about half the game holding the coaches hand. :-/ I'm hoping next week will be better when it's not as hot.

Before the game...

Taking a break...

She looks so big to me here- it kills me.

Over it. Look at those flushed cheeks. I'm hoping she gives it another go next week- it's so fun to watch. Hope you had a good weekend too.