I Love the Mountains.

We just got back from our first family trip in a long time- to Park City, Utah...and it was the BEST TIME EVER. It snuck up on me so quickly, so I didn't really even look forward to it much, so it ended up being such a pleasant surprise and a much-needed time of relaxation. You know, since we have moved here, most of the trips we all take together are to Texas...so it was fun to take the kids somewhere new. I had no idea how much fun they would have, and how much fun they would be. I guess that is their ages too- it was pretty easy to pal around doing things- and I felt like they even appreciated the new scenery and opportunities.

Holden fell in love with the mountains. The last day she kept saying "I don't want to leave Utah. I miss Utah already." And then when we got home and I took her to school Monday- she said "Mom- are there ever going to be mountains here? I want to live where there are mountains." So there you go.

And honestly, both kids were so happy just to swim in a big pool and eat S'mores at night. I learned that any vacation will be good if we can pepper in some swimming time here and there. 

And holy cow, Park City is gorgeous. We found a new spot that we love and I imagine we will visit again. And I got to see Jeanne- which was awesome. I love her. We picked up right where we left off. It's nice to know and be known like that.

Frankly, it was a little hard to go home. That's how much fun we had. BUT, I will say that I did go back to work refreshed today, and with a new perspective...so that is good.

Anyway- enough talk- here are some pictures:

What an amazing trip it was! More pictures to come tomorrow!